Happy and Healthy New Year

Moving into the new year with the coronavirus pandemic still raging, uncertainty is looming and motivation to adopt healthier habits to kick start your new year is tough to come by.

Here is a list of 10 simple things you can do to kick start a healthier / happier new year, 

Positive affirmations are a short sentence that you can use as daily reminders, include a positive affirmation into your daily routine.

Add a little spirituality to your daily life by meditating, even if its for one minute try to begin each day with meditation.

Fill your life with kindness, Practicing gratitude by writing down three things you are grateful for before you go to sleep each night. Finding that piece and having gratitude for the small things in your life can boost your overall mood and improve your outlook on life.

Declutter, take some time to look at your environment, are there papers and receipts that can been filed or better yet thrown away? do you have drawers or cupboards overflowing?  Take some time each day to work on cleaning up your environment, start the new year

technology has taken over, take a technology break. Make a rule where one night a week there is no technology.  Involve the whole family, come up with creative fun things you can do together, craft projects, family games nights walks, book club

Move your body, a healthy habit that’ll clear your head and make you feel better on the inside and out. Look into different options or new exercise ideas, try new things and get started on a new routine.

Buy a plant. Plants are not only for good for the air flow in your home office but are also good for nurturing the soul and your emotional wellness. Make sure you place your new plant somewhere where it will give you joy.

Support local small business in your area. So many of our friends in retail have been hit hard by the lasting effects of this pandemic and the ever-lasting lock downs. Support those who support our local communities, give back where you can. This includes our Aussie farmers.

Buy a new pillow for your bed. So many of us have old pillows on our beds, its just one of those things we never really think about. For an investment of $20 you will improve the support to your neck and ultimately improve your nights sleep.

I love you… Three simple words that can bring a smile and warm the soul of your loved ones… Once a week try to tell one person you love them and that you are grateful to have them in your life

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