Zero waste shopping jars for pantry staples

Jars seem to be playing a big role in a sustainable larder these days, so we thought we would share our best tips and tricks, starting with removing that sticky label glue.

Firstly, if the label can be easily removed, it’s a good idea to (carefully) fill the jar with hot water for a few minutes which warms the glue from the inside and often means the label comes off easier.

However if it’s one of those super sticky ones that leaves glue residue, then rubbing the residue with coconut oil, tea tree oil or a citrus-based essential oil will often do the trick (paired with a little elbow grease, and a scrub with steel wool).

We find Bon Maman jars are great for storing single-serve soups and stews in the freezer; given the wide-mouth, the contents easily come out when turned upside down, even when still frozen, just by running the outside of the jar under a bit of hot water.

Reusing glass jars is a great way to keep them out of landfill.

To our mind, recycling is not the answer; glass is actually not that easy to recycle and there’s not a lot of demand for recycled glass, so where we can best to save those jars and either use them to store pantry staples air-tight, or save them for the next time we make quince paste, pestos, homemade jams or other deliciousness for friends.

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