The little votes

Dutch oven sourdough bread from biodynamic flour

When we think about it, the most powerful vote we have isn’t the one coming up in the next election, but rather all the little ones we make every single day, with our dollars.

Every single time we make a purchase we are choosing to condone that brand’s behaviour, whether they’re a small family business or a large corporation, we are saying ‘yes I agree with your practices, keep doing what you’re doing’.

This is an incredibly powerful thing; we have the power to support those humans who are trying really hard to change the world and do the right thing, and we also have the power to starve the multinationals and bring about change for the better… Big brands are always trying to work out what their customers what, and nothing speaks louder than dropping sales.

Look at Schultz organic dairy for example, who were the first to start supplying their milk in kegs to Melbourne cafes, and have since introduced returnable glass milk bottles for their retail customers. It wasn’t long before Barambah followed suit, and soon I hope that the larger milk processors start to notice the market share these two pioneering brands are taking, and realise that Australian consumers want a more sustainable way of buying their milk.

If Australian shoppers only knew how much power they had, I think we would all shop

a little differently.

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