Zero Waste Kit

Zero waste kit

In terms of reducing one's environmental footprint, there are a few things that might help to make the transition a little more seamless... a few of my faves below:

+ Snack tin for snacks on the go

+ Shopper pack for plastic free shopping (I split mine with a buddy)

+ Dans Le sac snack bags

+ Pantry jars for bulk shopping

+ Tea tree essential oil for getting sticky label glue off jars for reuse

+ Glass containers and cooler bags for shopping sans plastic at the butcher shop

+ Reusable paper towel

+ Hankies

+ Linen serviettes to avoid disposables out and about

+ Bamboo straws

+ Coffee cup

+ Metal sippy for lil ones

+ Bamboo toothbrushes (we write our names on ours for fun)

+ Cloth nappies

+ Thinx


Just a side note: rather than shop our way into sustainability, a good idea is to look around the house to see what can suffice first, for example cut up tea towels work just as well for paper towel replacement, old pillowcases work well to buy lots of apples in bulk at the farmers markets, old jam jars can be saved for shopping in bulk etc.

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