Simple Origins exists to bring organics to the people.

The easiest way to describe Simple Origins is that it works kind of like a co-op, by way of bulk buying as a group where the cost is shared.

We are able to keep the cost low and still ensure the small-scale farmers that we support get a fair price, as we don’t need to factor in the running costs of keeping a shop open for 7 days a week, which often includes expensive high street rents and full time staff. Instead, orders are made online and picked up from South Melbourne (so there's no delivery fee either).

Essentially, this is the best way that we can think of to fix this broken food system of ours, and overcome one of the key barriers to buying organic food - price.

We buy direct from local Australian farmers wherever we can. Most of the pantry staples that we source are from organic and biodynamic farmers, which means less chemicals in our soils, our waterways and our bodies.

We work hard to ensure a low-waste way of buying food, where the pantry staples are packed in compostable brown paper bags and the olive oil comes in refillable flip-top glass bottles.

The other benefit of buying in bulk is that you always have a well stocked larder, which means less packhorse trips to the shops lugging pantry staples back home.

At this stage the orders are available for collection only from South Melbourne, Victoria.

I plan to also set up a delivery service in the future. Please do sign up to the newsletter so that I can keep you up to date and bring you along on this journey (no spam ever, promise).